Inverter AC PCB

An inverter ac pcb boardusually is the PCB with multi-inputs and high-voltage outputs. For a large-screen television, if there's an LCD panel with modulator tubes in it, an inverter PCB or inverters used for separate outputs would be common solutions. Also, because of the high voltage, many clients require components of inverter pcb board, such as inverter transformers, PCBs, and output sockets, which are products of Underwriters Laboratories recognized materials or products with corresponding fire resistance. In this way, safety can be guaranteed.

Right now, according to China Compulsory Certification, there are several aspects to consider during the safety evaluation of inverter PCBs:

Temperature Rise: testing whether there will be extremely high temperatures which can be potential threats to human safety and normal operation, in components, be it in normal operation or in single fault.

Fireproofing: testing whether the inner components like inverter transformers and PCBs, which can easily generate high temperatures, are fireproof or not, or testing their fireproofing ability so that an inverter ac PCB can prevent itself from the ignition and be the cushion and prevention of the spread of fire when other components are on fire.

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: testing whether the insulation of the inverter transformer can withstand the high voltage and won’t let the high voltage affect the low-voltage input.

Current-limiting Circuit: inverter PCB board produce high voltage and power modulator tubes of the LCD panel. However, there exists the possibility that the user may touch the voltage generated by inverters when the LCD is broken. In such a condition, we cannot directly lower the output voltage but limit the current to secure users’safety. Therefore, tests based on the current limiting circuit are especially important during a product safety test. If a company reports related information of an inverter of an inverted PCB, current-limiting tests need to be done to the inverter.

SPEEDA Technology, founded in 2014andlocated in Changsha City, Hunan Province, has been regarded by our customers as the best chinese pcb manufacturerby supporting them with PCB service and design. The inverter ac pcb board pricehere is competitive in this field in terms of the high quality of the products. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, high-layer board manufacturing services.

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