Disc Granulator

1. Disc polluter machine’s structure is novel and rational,weight, and height. Process layout flexibility, suitable for plant transformation.
2. large angle can be adjusted. Point of gaskets, adjust the flexible and convenient.
3. The unique mix of non-powered scrapers integrated auxiliary power consumption reduced.
4. The market is made up of sections and inventory. Reduce the power of the main motor. Sections along the plate can be adjusted up and down.Section ends as flanged , material ball offer guarantees that the ball is not being pulled, torn.
5. New dredging design, non-powered Combo Blade to clean up the edges and bottom corner cleaning scraper wound up angle, combined with unique treatment technologies, cleaning, good ball into effect, there will not be major mud, ball diameter 90% 3-5mm. 
Has the following advantages: high Balling rate, particle rounded strength, intuitive operation, convenient maintenance and so on.

Application fields:it can be widely used in gold mining, chemical plant, construction and foundry for uniformly continuous, quantitative material feeding and proportioning 

Coal, cement, clinker, limestone, shale, coal gangue, clay powder, granular or patches material.

Model(m) Rotational speed Capacity
Wheel angle adjustment range Overall dimensions
Φ 2.2 14.25 4-8 7.5 35-55 2.8x2.75x2.58 2850
Φ 2.5 11.81 5-10 7.5 35-55 3.2x2.3x3 3250
Φ 2.8 11.21 12-16 7.5 35-55 3.4x2.6x3.1 3710
Φ 3.0 11.3 15-18 11 35-55 3.7x2.7x3.3 4350
Φ 3.2 9.6 15-20 11 35-55 3.9x2.7x3.4 5110
Φ 3.6 9.1 18-24 15 35-55 4.3x3.1x4.0 6510

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