Heavy Hammer Crusher

Product advantage:Hammer Crusher with low investment, high yield, the fastest known, renowned in the industry. Sunstone hammer crusher only broke one time instead of the traditional hammer crusher, so that the cost is reduced; The machine adopts the grate design, greatly improve the yield. New type hammer Crusher of Sunstone is at the advanced level in the industry.

Working Principle:
The rotor rotates at a high speed in the crushing cavity by motor.Material is ground by the below, impact, shear, abrasive of the rapidly moving hammer.The lower part of the rotor has a sieve plate, and crushing material less than sieve size fractions discharge through the sieve plate, coarse grain greater than the sieve size resistance continue to be combated and by the hammer,and finally discharge through the sieve plate.

Application fields: widely used in mining ore crushing, construction materials, cement, aggregate, dry mortar, concrete mixing station.

Materials:Limestone, coal, salt, gypsum, alum, white rock, brick, tile, coal gangue and so on.Also used for crushing strong fiber structure, flexibility and toughness of chopped wood, paper or broken asbestos cement waste recycled fibro, and so on.Coal, salt, gypsum, alum, white rock, brick, tile, coal gangue and other materials.

Model Rotor specs
Feeding size
Feed particle size
Capacity Power
Overall dimensions
PCZ1308 1310×790 850×800 ≤600 100-160 132 2818×2100×2390
PCZ1510 1500×900 1000×90 ≤700 160-210 132×2 3260×2414×2750
PCZ1512 1500×1160 1200×900 ≤750 250-320 160×2 3260×2624×2750
PCZ1615 1650×1452 1500×1200 ≤1000 360-420 200×2 3456×2915×3185
PCZ1620 1660×1900 2000×1200 ≤1200 500-800 315×2 3500×3100×3200

Hammer Crusher Equipment Specification:(Standard)

Model  Rotor specs
Feeding size
Feed particle
Capacity Power
Overall dimensions
PC-0706 700×570 618×510 ≤400 50-70 75 1950×1340×1480
PC-0808 800×750 780×610 ≤500 80-100 132 2280×1790×1670
PC-0910 900×1000 1070×750 ≤600 150-200 110×2 2600×2200×1940
PC-1012 1000×1180 1255×810 ≤650 250-300 132×2 2800×2310×2210
PC-1213 1200×1280 1350×900 ≤750 300-350 160×2 2970×2580×2510

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