carbon black briquette machine

  • Feeding Size:<5mm
  • Capacity:0.3-10T/H
  • Raw Material:pigment carbon black, rubber carbon black, charcoal powder, black lead.
  • Application:Refractory, power plant, metallurgical, chemistry, energy, transportation and heating, etc.

Carbon black briquette machine is a transformation of a powdery material into a more convenient size. This is accomplished by compacting the material with a roller press, sometimes in the presence of a binding material. The briquettes can be produced with high or low pressure, and can undergo mechanical or hydraulic treatment according to the characteristics of the processed material, finally the desired end product is complete.

Test is to drop from 3 meters. *3 times, there is no crack or broken. Briquetting ratio is less than 10% of -5mm size to generate.

Carbon black briquette machine can be listed into common briquette machine, dry powder briquette machine, high pressure briquette machine. Common briquette machine is also called wet briquette machine, because in molding, material need to add binder and water; high pressure briquette machine is mainly used in smelting industry various mineral powder briquetting.

Carbon black briquette machine except regular model, in which, same model is further listed into sub-model based on different material and capacity, like XM750, can be XM750-350、XM750-570. That, 750 is roller diameter 750mm, 350 and 570 is roller width 350mm and 570mm. Same model die hole is bigger, capacity is higher. YHG marks dry powder and high pressure briquette machine.


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