Compostable Mailers

eco-friendly packagingfor mailing your products in a way that benefits the environment

made with light, strong and flexible materials

custom size, colour, printing

Our custom compostable mailersmade with light, strong and flexible materials are great alternatives to plastic poly mailers and the perfect packaging product for E Commerce brands in transporting products such as clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, books and a range of other items! At Ecolution Packaging, we custom mailers to match your brand images.

Compostable Mailing Bags Materials

As strong and waterproof as poly mailers, our compostable mailer bagsare made from a combination of PBAT (a fully compostable co-polymer) and PLA which is a biodegradable material derived from renewable plant material such as corn starch. They don’t contain any polyethylene and can break down in a home compost bin.

We carefully select our materials with certifications to ensure that all of our final shipping mailers are made with materials in line with current International compostable standards such as the Home Compostable Australian Standard AS 5810, The Australiasian Bioplastics Association’s ABAP 20009, OK Compost Home S0563 TUV Austria and the BPI Compostable in industrial facilities Certification 10528689.

Compostable Mailer Bags Customisation

Chic and stylish, custom compostable mailer bags are great innovations for E commerce businesses with sustainability ethos. We offer custom service to add a personal touch to your shipments and level up your customers’ unpacking experience. No matter simply adding stickers/labels to compostable mailers or getting your brandings fully printed on compostable mailers, we are here to help.

Custom your compostable mailer bags with Ecolution is now easier than ever, check out our custom order procedure and artwork requirements for information on how to order custom packaging with us.

Custom Compostable Mailers Specifications

Size: customisable

Minimum order quantity: 30,000pcs

Application: E-commerce, mailing bag for clothes, fashion accessories, cosmetics, books etc!

Lead time: 8-12 weeks

Disposal: Home compost bin

As a bespoke eco-friendly packaging company, our vision is to gradually change the way goods are packaged by providing eco solutions, eliminating single-use plastics and building a circular economy.

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