Gabion Noise Barrier

Gabion Noise Barrier - Efficient, Aesthetic & Durable

Have you ever been plagued by traffic noises as your home is located near the highway? Are you in trouble of choosing the appropriate noise barrier as so many types of products filling in the market? Then please read this page carefully, we believe we can provide the best solution to your problem.

Gabion noise barrier, as its name applies, is a type of effective sound blocking construction. It comprises of free standing welded gabion baskets that joined together by spiral joints or hog rings. Filled with indigenous rocks, gabion noise barrier can provide aesthetically pleasing look and quieter environments compared with traditional noise barriers.

Why not choose other barriers?

Gabion noise barriers filled with rocks are mounted along the highway to control the traffic noises
Gabion noise barriers are ideal for reducing traffic noises.
  • Timber noise barrier - It has too many gaps that allow noise to pass through, thus, timber noise barriers effect actually micro for noise blocking.
  • Hedge noise barrier - Noise can pass through, over and under hedges easily, so that it blocks less noise than any other barriers, but it has a more pleasing appearance.
  • Corrugated iron barrier - it is too thin to block most noise. Normally, eighty percent of road noise may pass through the barrier directly.
  • Noise block / brick barrier - Smooth surface makes most of noises being bounced back into the environments instead of reducing the noise.

Reasons to choose gabion noise barrier

A comparison of the performance of gabion, block, brick, timber and corrugated iron noise barrier, and the gabion noise barrier performs best.
Gabion noise barrier allows for the best noise control, absorption, diffusion and reduction than others
  • High strength
    Normally, gabion noise barriers are mounted at an accurate calculated spacing and supported by vertical posts for higher strength. Normally, this spacing is determined by various factors, such as topography, design wind velocities and wall height, etc.
  • Dense filling material 
    Dense filling materials with less gaps and holes efficiently prevent noise passing through the barrier directly.
  • Superb noise blocking 
    Rugged surface of gabion noise barrier effectively makes traffic noise to be diffused and reduced. As an acoustic wall, gabion noise barriers also can efficiently control, absorb and reduce the noise to the largest extent. For example, noise from a large truck is about 85db, a gabion wall in thickness of 1m can reduce 60db comparing with others as shown in the right picture.
  • High versatility. 
    Gabion noise barrier is generally mounted along highways and roads to reduce traffic noises, meanwhile, it can be used as veneers and cladding for sound insulation and interior & exterior decoration.
  • Easy assembly & longevity
    Our gabion noise barriers can be assembled quickly and easily without the needs of skilled workers and large equipment. Meanwhile, all the gabion noise barriers are heavily galvanized after welding to ensure they are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. PVC coating in various colors is also available to suit your projects. Thus, they can be used for years requiring little even no maintenance.


  • Material: high quality welded steel wire mesh.
  • Wire diameter: 1mm to 5mm.
  • Opening size: 50mm × 50mm, 100mm × 100mm.
  • Barrier size: Any custom size is available.
  • Anti-rust coating: hot-dipped galvanized or PVC coated in any color.
  • Package: packing by wood or metal pallet. Other package methods are also available upon your request.


  • It is recommended to build gabion noise barriers as wide as possible to prevent noises passing around.
  • The gabion barriers should be built tall enough to avoid traffic noise passing over.

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