380V/0.4-800kW Construction All-in-one Machine

Simple installation: without changing the original frequency electrical box, only the frequency converter needs to be added and the resistance box can complete the transformation work. Good anti-vibration performance: for the mechanical characteristics of the lift in operation, the whole machine is tested for anti-vibration by the vibration test bench at the factory. No need to set parameters: correctly connected to the motor line and control line, the machine can be turned on and work normally. Good comfort: no overshoot and weightlessness at start-up, smooth stopping, precise leveling and no bottoming out.

Specification of 380V/0.4-800kW Construction All-in-one Machine

VFD Application Industries and Fields

HIVERT Standard medium voltage VFD series is widely used in various fields in national economy, exported to Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc.. Perfect solutions for soft start, speed adjusting, energy saving and intelligent control of medium voltage AC motors (including synchronous and asynchronous motors) could be supplied to customers. Typical application industries are:

If you want to know the vfd single line diagram, please visit our website.

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