Sequesting Agent LH-P1618

Sequesting Agent LH-P1618

SEQUESTING AGENT LH-P1618 based on phosphorus compound, with very strong chelating function to Ca, Mg & Fe metallic ion, can work on all kinds of pre - treatment or dyeing process.


•Excellent chelating function to metallic ion, can make water soft forpre-treatment

• Can protect dyestuff, eliminate color spot if use for dyeing

• Can improve solubility and disperse function to un-dissolve Ca

•Good removing and dispersing loose colour properties, prevent contamination again

• Stable to all kinds of electrolyte, resistance to acid, alkali and oxidant

YimanReactive DyeingCharacter

Appearance: white powder

Ion state: weakly ionic

pH: 6.0 ~ 8.0 (1% solution)

Soluble: can dissolve with water at any ratio


• Pre-treatment for all kinds of fiber

• Direct, reactive, acid, disperse dyes

• Soaping after dyeing for all kinds of fiber


LH-P1618 0.1 ~ 0.3 g/L


25 kg/bag


One year in cool place

Reactive Dyeing supplier:Yiman

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