Desiccant For Furniture

Humidity is one of the biggest causes of product mold, especially furniture products. The area of furniture is relatively large, so compared with other products, the area it touches in the air is also large. Because of the particularity of the material, the leather furniture and wooden furniture have a higher chance of mold. The Kobso desiccant can deal with it, you can choose Kobso Dry Desiccant, Silica Gel, Mineral desiccant, Activated Carbon Desiccant, Aromatic Desiccant.

Benefits of KOBSODesiccant For Furniture

Silica gel desiccant has physical moisture absorption, mild reaction, and can well protect furniture from corrosion. Additionally, with the inclusion of a wardrobe desiccant, it can provide even better protection. At the same time, Activated Carbon Desiccant can remove the odor, it made of bamboo as raw material, fast adsorption, high adsorption capacity. Also, you can choose Aromatic Desiccant with various fragrances what you like. Desiccant can also design a unique logo for your need.

What Kind Of Desiccant Is Used For Furniture To Prevent Moisture?

You can choose these products for the furniture: 1. Activated Carbon Desiccant. Activated carbon depends on its own adsorption function, which can effectively adsorb. Hazardous substances and odors floating in the air in a free state. 2. Mineral desiccant. The fragrance material inside can be customized according to your actual needs. In addition to dehumidification and moisture protection, it can also effectively offset the peculiar smell of the product and improve the customer's feeling when receiving the goods.

We can offer sorts of silica gel packets for wardrobefor sale, if you want to buy silica gel for wardrobe, please contact us.

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