Self- Leveling Systems(SLS)



Anruier SLS is the electro-mechanical (non-hydraulic) leveling systems for recreational vehicles, special use vehicles, trailers or any mobile or stationary unit that needs leveling or stabilizing. Developed with the consumer in mind, Anruier SLS provides high performance of automatic leveling without the problems of hydraulic ones. For years we’ve led the way in helping people quickly and safely level and stabilize their moving platform with our SLS. We offer a complete products range of leveling systems to fit every budget. The system are consisted of three subsystem as human-computer interface, controlling system and executive mechanism.

Features as follows

One-Touch Auto-Leveling

Steel Leveling Jacks

Lead screw drive

Fully Automatic Control

Precise leveling less than 5’

Payload from 6000kg to10000kg

Easy to install and easy to use.

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