Potassium Aluminum Fluoride (PAF)

General Description of Potassium Aluminum Fluoride (PAF)

It is also called Potassium Cryolite, Potassium Tetrafluoraluminate, Kalium Aluminium Fluorid, KAlF, KAlF4/K3AlF6

Color of Potassium Aluminum Fluoride (PAF)

Grey color

Appearance of Potassium Aluminum Fluoride (PAF)

Powder or Lump

Application of Potassium Aluminum Fluoride (PAF)

Potassium Aluminum Fluorideis often the primary constituent in salt fluxes for metal cleaning, either as a stand-alone addition or combined with other salts such as NaCl and KCl. The compound is used as the salt flux in the smelting of secondary aluminum to maximize metal recovery, to reduce or remove the magnesium content of liquid aluminum alloys. The addition of fluoride enhances the general performance of the salt flux. The function of the salt flux is to separate metals from oxide and dross and to prevent incendiary burning of the aluminum, thereby maximizing yields. This increased fluidity better covers the exposed molten metal and facilitates the release of metals entrapped in the dross. Some aluminum foundry alloy producers use KAlF as their exclusive magnesium remover (in lieu of dangerous chlorine gas)

Packing of Potassium Aluminum Fluoride (PAF)

25kg/50kg/ton bag.

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