MF Clear Coat Series

3、MF Clear Coat Series

Automotive Paint company

Product Name/Model:MF Clear Coat Series

Characteristic:1.MF880- 8000Clear Coat :Two- component 880 clear coat with super-high density and solid,deep rich gloss, high hardness, excellent weathering and chemical resistance. Applies tosenior cars, suitable for overall refinish, quality and performance compare favourably withmany imported clear Coats2.MF580- 5000Clear Coat:Two-component fast drying 5000 clear coat with excellent gloss,high hardness, excellent weathering and chemical resistance.3.MF380- 3000Clear Coat:High gloss 380 clear coat, with high richness, good levellingproperty, easy construction, high hardness, excellent chemical and weathering resitance. Bepaint film in lower temperature. Application in Medium, Senior car, MPV, Bus.4.MF280- 2000Clear Coat:High gloss and high hardness two-component 280 clear coat, easyconstruction, fast dry, good pretective power and weathering resistance, save cost and timeduring refinish.Application in standard car, construction machinery.


1K Basecoat.

Mixing Ratio

Clear Coat






Clear Coat

Mating Fast Hardener

60 Fast Thinner


Clear Coat

Mating Standard Hardener

61 Standard Thinner


Clear Coat

Mating Slow Hardener

62 Slow Thinner


16-19s to drop off, in 4# viscosity cup at 25°C,


At 25℃4 hours with fast hardener.4 hours with standard hardenerorslow hardener.


There are particlesorruns after spray, sand affected area with P2000 sand paperafter thorough drying, then polish to solve the problem.

Spray GunSet Up

Gravity Feed: 1.2-1.5mm 4-5kg/cm ²Suction Feed: 1.4-1.6mm 4-5kg/cm ²


Coats&Thickness: 2-3 coats, total 25-35umFlash-Off Time: At 25°C, 5-10 minutes between two coats,Air-Drying Time: Allow 10-15 minutes air drying time before force drying

Drying Time


Dust Free

Tack Free

Dry to Handle

Dry to Test


30 minutes

2 hours

8 hours

6 days


5 minutes

10 minutes

25 minutes

60 minutes

Shelf Life

2 years in original sealed can, cool and dry place at 20℃.



Note:1. At temperature lower than 15°C, air-dry at ambient temperature is not recommended. Better toallow a full bake at 60°C.2. At ambient temperature higher than 30℃, add appropriate Retarder Solvent into thinner toavoid blushing. For more details, please refer to technical data sheet of Retarder Solvent.3. The products mixed with hardener should be used up soon and can not be restore for future use;clean equipments immediately with thinner after application, otherwise it is very difficult tobe cleaned after dry.

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