GRP Water Tanks

GRP Water Tanks

Our products are priced very competitively but still maintain quality in aesthetics and engineering. We also understand the value of providing a good service, whether you require that bespoke product, or an experienced and professional FRP tank erection team on site we can make it happen for you.


'S' Range (Standard) – Cost effective standard One – Piece water tank.
'D' Range (Duplex)– Higher storage capacity on an 'S' range footprint.
'MS' Range (Modular Section)– Two or Three Piece Split Design Water Tanks with a horizontal joint that can be self assembled on site.
Sectional Water Tanks - All flanges and fixtures are truly internal allowing the sectional water tank assembly to take place within the tank. These water tanks can be placed against a wall and erected in confined areas.


GRP Water Tanks

All of our cold water storage tanks are designed to the following-

  • Our Water Tank ranges are manufactured to contain from 43 – 9770 Litres nominal capacity, but tanks can be made to suit alternative sizes up to 45000 Litres.
  • Water tanks can be made to suit you required dimensions to fit most awkward spaces or locations
  • CFC free encapsulated insulation 25mm or 50mm is used
  • A2 Stainless steel fasteners fitted in all cases internally and externally
  • All surfaces in contact with water are Gel coated using an Isophthalic Gel to prevent algae/bacterial growth
  • All connections that are ordered can be factory fitted or supplied lose
  • Tanks come in a standard flow coated exterior colour but can be coloured to our customers choice, if required, to blend in with a background or existing surroundings
  • Suitable for potable (drinking) water, rain water collection, non aggressive chemicals and other inert substances
  • Designed with consideration to BS EN 13280 : 2001 (BS 749 Parts 1/2/3)


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