HYRP01 Swivel Rotary Plow

The Swivel Rotary Plow works similarly to the Rotary Plow, but instead of one plowshare throwing soil to the right, the Swivel Plow has a second plowshare that can be set for left soil discharge. At the end of each pass, a lever on the rear of the attachment allows for easy rotating 180 degrees between the two plowshares. 
Each plowshare has four spiral blades that spin up to 300 RPMs on a vertical shaft, digging effortlessly into all types of soil—including hardened, rock-filled dirt that has yet to be broken. Debris is discharged to the left OR right side (not simultaneously), allowing the operator to build raised beds with multiple passes.
Like the Rotary Plow, the Swivel Rotary Plow can break new ground, power compost cover crops, build raised beds, create drainage ditches, and more. The Swivel Plow is designed for use on slopes, tight spaces, and extensive operations.


至: Yong Kang HONGYUE Power Machine Co
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