bamboo panels for walls BSWOC-S100-8/12

Description: DassoXTR Fused Bamboo Wall Cladding For Outdoor Use

Product Code:BSWOC

Specification: T8/12xW100xL1860mm

Structure: Fused Bamboo

Dasso XTR is a new-generation& high technology bamboo material, which is fused of 100% bamboo fiber, with the patent of heat
treated, Dasso’s bamboo Fencing is quite stable, also being anti-termite & anti-mould etc by extracting the nutrition inside
bamboo such as starch, sugar etc. It can not only be used as decking, but also can be used as Fencing, Roof, Wall cladding

Technical Data:

Durability (Resistance against brown, white rot fungi): class 1 (EN 350-1 and the EN 113 standards)

Density: around 1200 kg/m3

Reaction to Fire: Bf1-s1 (EN ISO 11925-2:2010; EN ISO9239-1:2002)

Release of Formaldehyde: E1 (EN717-2)

Dimensional stability: length: +0,1 %;width+0,9% (24 hours in water 20°C)

Slip resistance: USRV100 (CEN/TS 15676)

Wall Cladding Details:


至: Dasso Industrial Group Co., Ltd
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