American Ginseng Extract

American Ginseng Extract
English name: American Ginseng Extract
Category: tonics Pinyin: XI of the YANG SHEN
Latin: Radix Quinquefolii
Alias: Western ginseng, ginseng, West ginseng, American ginseng, Guangdong ginseng
CAS NO.: 72480-62-7
test methods: UV
Plant sources
Araliaceae American ginseng, Panax quinque folium L. dried root extract parts: root active ingredients of American ginseng total saponins extraction solvent ethanol
10% -80% detection methods HPLC (Rg1, Re, Rb1, Rc and Rd total content) traits of yellow or brown powder, bitter Solubility soluble in water, soluble in ethanol mesh sieve aperture: 100 mesh Tropism of taste : cool; sweet, slightly bitter; Indications: qi and yin of the heart, lung, kidney function, heat fluid. For qi deficiency and yin deficiency, heat, cough and sputum the blood, Xure tired tired, thirst, dry mouth and throat. Dosage: Oral: decoction (Another to Jianzhi kimono), 3 ~~ 6g; into pills, powder. Taboo: not with veratridine with. Xieganbushen, cold resistance and damp ban clothing.
Related presentations
American ginseng, also known as American ginseng, Araliaceae perennial herb, mainly produced in the United States, Canada and other North American countries. American ginseng is a complement rather than dry, senior health care products for men, women and children safe. American ginseng has qi nourishing yin and kidney, key spleen and stomach, delaying the effects of aging and beauty. Modern medical studies have shown that American ginseng has anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-shock, thinking, improve memory and regulate the endocrine, enhance immunity and improve cardiovascular function and other effects. Edit this paragraph efficacy qi Yin heat fluid. Anticonvulsant, analgesic, antipyretic 4 antiarrhythmic and anti-ischemic 5 anti-hemolysis, lower blood sugar 6 anti-fatigue 7. Enhance immune function 8. promote the metabolism of fat and glucose metabolism. antidiuretic
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