Annealed Stainless Steel

QIYI STAINLESS STEEL is one of the most advanced annealed stainless steel manufacturers in China, specializing in the production of annealed stainless steel coils, annealed stainless steel strips, and stainless steel sheets. Qiyi uses top-rated equipment, including 20-high Sendzimir mills, continuous bright annealing furnaces, tension levelers, a skin pass, slitting lines and cut-to-length lines.
Type 304 annealed stainless steel is used extensively in the chemical, refrigeration, paper and food processing industries, as well as for bellows, flexible metal hoses, spinning, tubing and many other stainless applications. The greatest demand for type 304 annealed stainless steel is in the soft tempers. In its annealed condition, the tensile strength is listed at approximately 75,000 PSI minimum, and its yield strength is listed at approximately 30,000 PSI minimum, with an approximate elongation of 40% (18/8 chrome-nickel) in a 2-inch austenitic stainless steel strip.


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