Textured Soya Protein Powder

Textured Soya Protein Powder Common names Textured Soya Protein Powder, TVP, TSPDescription:Textured Soy Protein is a soya protein produced from the NON-GMO raw material as ideal food ingredient of high protein. It has excellent characteristic of fiber texture and high ability to bind juiciness, such as water and vegetable oil.Textured soy protein is used mainly in kinds of meat products and maigre products, such as dumpling, bun, ball, and ham. Specifications: Items Index Crude protein ≥ %50Moisture ≤%10Crude Fiber ≤%3.5PH6.0- 7.5Calcium ≤%0.02Sodium ≤%1.35Phosphorus ≤%0.7Potassium ≤0.1Total plate count(cfu/g)3500E-coliNegative


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