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Zibo Guang Dong Chemical Co.,,10 years ago officially entered the market. As we all know, Zibo Guang Dong Chemical Co., is a mainly engaged in Adhesive technology,Emulsion manufacturers,Acrylic Emulsion Technology,Propionic acid emulsionx1e2ce56nof the private enterprise. All along, Guangdong chemical industry in the integrity of innovation, people-oriented business philosophy to customer demand-oriented, give full play to the advantages of talent, and continuously improve the professional Chemical emulsion service capabilities.

   Zibo Guang Dong Chemical Co., insist on responsibility,credibility and integrity,sincerity and win-win principle,and happy employees, customer success, leading the industry mission, long standing engaged in Chemical Technology the main features,Brand Adhesive technology,Trusted Emulsion technology,Good faith management Technology transfer and other business areas. Through the creation of dynamic and innovative enterprises, Our company is committed to becoming an important force to promote social progress. details:
Acrylic Emulsion Technology

  Acrylic Emulsion Technology. is located in Zhangdian, Zibo City, Shandong province. The transportation is convenient, the communication is developed, and the geographical position and investment environment are very superior. The company is committed to the production and development of environmentally friendly emulsion coatings.

  The performances of the developed emulsion reached above the national standard of China. Especially chemical stability (calcium ion stability), mechanical stability, waterproof, aging resistance and solvent resistance can be comparable with the international brands. The performance of the waterborne paint has reached or even exceeded the national standard of China. Wei has unique experiences in the production of various functional water-based paint production. Its products are suitable for metal, glass, tiles and other materials. And the products are waterproof and excellent aging resistance than oil paint.

  Our main service content: factory workshop layout planning, process design, equipment manufacture; Equipment installation and debugging, laboratory establishment and teaching, imparting production technology, training laboratory staff and production technicians etc.

  In recent years, we have done a lot of paint manufacturers technical service work. Helping their workers and technicians master the core technology of waterborne paints and lotions. Improve product quality, reduce production costs, get a greater profit. For example: Yantai Italian Italian latex paint factory, Zibo Shengmin Industrial Co., Ltd., Lushun latex paint factory, Pentium paint industry, such as hundreds of manufacturers. We have had a good cooperation experience, and continue to provide technical services for enterprises.

  Since 2013, we have expanded our international market through the network platform.We have done lots of technical guidance services for foreign friends such as Zambia, Russia, Uzbekistan and so on.

  To improve the performance of acrylic emulsion and waterborne paint, is our ntinuous pursuit.

  Providing technical services for the majority of emulsion production plants and water-based paint enterprises is our greatest happiness.

  Creating a good living environment is our best wish.

  We are willing to work with people with lofty ideals to making the emulsion and water-based paint industry bigger and stronger.

   Adhering to the "dedication, hardworking and thrifty, struggle, innovation" spirit of enterprise, Guangdong chemical industrybases on long-term development, technology as the core, market-oriented, and constantly open up new areas, undertaking to provide fast, high-quality ser


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