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   Henan Uters International CO.,LTD is a professional supplier which provides a variety of water filter cartridge, to provide customers withTop ten brandswater filter cartridge ,Stainless steel filterand water filter cartridge and so on. Since the company had been established in Henan Province,Zhengzhou City,City area,North Third Ring Road, adhere to people-oriented ,and the quality of survival, to the credibility of development,our company have made an outstanding achievement.We based in Henan Province,market-oriented,to customers are thinking,anxious customer anxious.


The advantage of UTERSHYDRAULIC OIL FILTERis that it can provide more professional and thoughtful solutions timely and accurately according to the actual needs of customers.At the same time, Our company follow the latest developments on Industry and agriculture,Manufacturing,Mechanical hardware processing, and establish long and steady partnership relation with many well-known enterprises in the same industry , to provide customers with the most professional, advanced dust filterx1dd01f6n.Details:
Filtering mode of operation
Depending on the filtration equipment used, the nature of the filter media and the system being handled, and the requirements for product collection, the filtration operation is divided into two main types, intermittent and continuous. According to the way to provide filtration impetus, there are gravity filtration, pressure filtration, vacuum filtration and centrifugal filtration of the points, the purpose is to overcome the filtration resistance.
Filtration is to make water through the filter to remove suspended solids and microorganisms in water purification process. The filter is usually located behind the sedimentation tank or clarifier. The purpose is to make the turbid water filtered to meet water quality standards. Water filtered, the residual bacteria, viruses lost the protective effect of suspended solids, thus creating the conditions for filtration and disinfection. Therefore, sedimentation or clarification can sometimes be dispensed with in the purification of drinking-water with groundwater as its source, but filtration is indispensable.
⑴ filter water purification principle. ① Screening effect: when the water passes through the filter, the particles larger than the pore size of the filter layer are trapped; subsequently, the pore size of the filter layer becomes smaller and the smaller particles are also trapped. ②Contact aggregation: small flocs or destabilizing particles that are not removed by sedimentation are adsorbed due to contact with the filter media; the adsorption effect of the filter material after adsorption of the flocculation body is further enhanced.
⑵ filter water purification efficiency. Depends on the quality of the incoming water, the particle size of the filter, the thickness of the filter media, the construction of the filter, the filtration rate and the management factors. The filtration rate is the amount of water that passes through the unit filter area per hour. The larger the filtration rate, the deeper the impurities penetrate in the filter layer. However, the impact of filtration after the General Assembly filtered water quality.
⑶ filter requirements. Has sufficient mechanical strength, does not deteriorate the water quality, a certain degree of particle size distribution, easy to get economy.
⑷ commonly used filter type. ① ordinary fast filter, the plane is square or circular, the filter, the inflow of water by the distribution channel flow worse, and then evenly distributed in the filter surface, and then through the filter layer and the supporting layer; Finally by the filter system After collection by the clear water pipe discharge. When the sand is washed, the fresh water is backwashing from bottom to top through the filter tube system, so that the sand layer floats up and floats, the sand rubs against each other and scrubs the sludge; the sewage flows from the distributing water and drainage trough to the distributing channel and finally is discharged from the washing basin sewer . Fast filter operation and reliable, and can reduce the filtration rate to improve the water quality; ② double and three filter media filter, is added in the quartz sand layer above the larger particle size, smaller proportion of smokeless media filter Material, due to the porosity of the anthracite layer, so interception mud faster filter high; ③ siphon filter, valve-free filter and mobile rinsing hood filter: The principle of the filter water purification and ordinary fast filter the same. They have the common advantage of reducing the valve and ease of operation and management; however, the construction is complex>

   UTERSalways adheres to the corporate purpose:Create value for customers and step forward with employees.; advancing with the times,make progress together with dust filter, and go hand in hand to get innovation and a win-win situation. To get more information about water filter cartridge,FILTER ELEMENT, you can log in and look through UTERS official website: www.hqfiltration.com.


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