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Anabolicum Non-steroidal Oral SARM Powder LGD-4033(Ligandrol) for Bodybuilding

LGD-4033 Alias:LGD-4033
LGD-4033 Synonyms:VK5211
LGD-4033 CAS NO.:1165910-22-4
LGD-4033 Molecular Formula:C14H12F6N2O
LGD-4033 Molecular Weight:338.25
LGD-4033 Purity:99% min
LGD-4033 Appearance:White Powder
LGD-4033 Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade

The Benefit Of LGD-4033:
1. LGD-4033,Effects similar to anabolics with size and strength;
2. LGD-4033,Minimal Side Effects;
3. LGD-4033,Excellent for recomping;
4. LGD-4033,Healing properties;
5. LGD-4033,Prevents muscle wasting;
6. LGD-4033, Works well as a stand alone or stacked with other SARMS;
7. LGD-4033,Great results in every aspect for different types of goals.
8. Half life of 24-36 hours

Anabolicum Administration
Anabolicum (LGD-4033) carries a half-life of approximately 30 hours and is best taken once daily. 10mg per day is the most common dose with some going as high as 20mg per day with little to no complications. Anabolicum can be stacked with other SARMs such as Ostarine (MK 2866) or Cardarine (GW-50156). Anabolicum (LGD) is most commonly recommended at 5-10mg per day with once daily dosing schedule. The half-life of LGD is between 24-36hrs. It has been found to be well tolerated at up to 22mg/day in people.

effects of LGD-4033:
LGD has shown the most ability of any SARM to put on size that could be considered a bulk. This will, of course, be dependent upon the diet used. Users that have experienced more than 10lb. increases, and have had a significant increase in calorie intake. The possibility of this type of size is present with LGD use. A recommend dosage for this type of goal would be 5-10 mg day for 8 weeks.
LGD can be used to cut as well. It will shine more-so if ran in conjunction with SARMS S-4 and Cardarine (GW-501516). This would be similar to a SARMS triple stack that is normally ran with Ostarine, except there is a possibility of more size being put on while cutting. A good dose for this method would be 3-5 mg a day for 8 weeks.

LGD-4033, better known as Anabolicum is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) that like testosterone is anabolic but without the effects that display significantly outside muscle tissue. Ligand Pharmaceuticals, ligand, referring to functional binding molecules, developed LGD-4033. Ligand Pharmaceuticals has made a name for itself with SARM research along with GTx, the two representing the bulk of SARM creation over the past decade.

Anabolicum Traits
Anabolicum is a SARM that binds tightly to the androgen receptors, primarily those of muscle and bone. Attaching to the androgen receptors, this creates enhanced anabolic activity in the body (muscle building) and has also been shown to be anti-catabolic (muscle wasting).

Studies have shown Anabolicum to hold significant effects on bone deterioration through a strengthening effect. Along with its muscle building and bone strengthening properties, unlike anabolic steroids that attach to the androgen receptor, there is no activity presented outside the target muscle and bone areas of the body or at least only minimally.

Effects of Anabolicum
The effects of Anabolicum can range from bulking and cutting to total body transformation. It is hard to compare the power of Anabolicum to various anabolic steroids due to SARM’s still being relatively new to the market, but the effects do appear to be strong. Off-season or bulking athletes can expect to gain significant strength and muscle mass with adequate calories. They will also find water retention cannot occur, meaning any weight gained will be that of lean muscle tissue.

For the dieting or cutting athlete, one of the primary concerns is protecting lean muscle mass. When you want to lose fat, you must burn more calories than you consume, and this can and will lead to muscle tissue loss without protective agents. Regardless of how genetically superior an individual is, some muscle tissue loss is unavoidable. By increasing anabolic activity, such as attaching a potent SARM to the body, muscle tissue can be preserved. This will result in a tighter, leaner, harder and more muscular physique. Some data, although rudimentary at this stage has shown the effects of Anabolicum may also, to a degree, promote fat loss.

Increases in muscular endurance are also reported, especially when stacked with other SARMs. It is unclear how much of an effect Anabolicum will have on endurance when used alone.

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