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   Zhejiang Dali Technology Co, Itd.is a company with Handheld Fire Camera the word of mouth,Temperature Thermal CameraandThermal Binocular as the main business. We are committed to providing quality service of Thermal imager. Zhejiang Dali Technology Co, Itd.was established in 10 years ago, As a company with a high sense of social responsibility, DALI TECHNOLOGYhas established a high reputation for superior quality and expertise in Night Visionfield


Zhejiang Dali Technology Co, Itd.is committed to the continuous improvement of theThermal Imager,Thermal Imaging,Thermal Camera,Infrared Camera,service, become a society, customers, shareholders and employees long-term trust of the company. Our Company adhering to pirit of for the sake of customers, and win-win with customers , and through DALI TECHNOLOGY staff continuous innovation and development to provide first-class Night Vision the four major advantages,High quality Thermal Binocular,Good reputation Thermal Telescope,Trustworthy Night Vision for enterprises , is what we have been working for. Details:DM60-W has the characteristics of non-contact fast, convenient, intuitive, and safe, which overcomes the deficiencies of traditional thermometers, forehead thermometers, spot thermometers, and ear thermometers, etc., which are only for individual measurement, time-consuming and easy to cross-infect. It can effectively control the spread of the epidemic and reduce the number of casualties. It is very suitable for rapid examination of body temperature in places where people, such as airports, docks, stations, hospitals, and shopping malls have large traffic.System functions:Full screen temperature measurementReal-time automatic tracking of the highest temperature, multi-target over-temperature simultaneous alarm.Various pseudo-color palettesUsers can adjust different colors according to their needs.Body temperature smart measurementWhen the workstation alarms, it can save alarm images or real-time videos, and can perform post-inquiries, analysis records, video file full tips; temperature emissivity, distance, ambient temperature and relative humidity can be adjusted and body surface temperature automatic correction function.Infrared and visible light image temperature superpositionInfrared thermography and visible light field angles are basically the same, and can accurately locate and superimpose temperature analysis results on infrared and visible light images.Remote temperature image uploadThe on-site image can be connected to the back-end information center through Telecom Global Eye or other TCP/IP network protocols for real-time browsing of site monitoring.Smart alarm functionCan set the alarm temperature range, alarm minimum area and other alarm combination conditions, to achieve multiple alarm and tracking, to ensure that no missed detection; to avoid cigarette butts, hot water and other high-temperature objects of interference;Multiple temperature alarms can be set and multiple alarm zones can be set;Effectively avoid light boxes, lamps and other interference;Can set temperature alarm delay, set temperature point and alarm sensitivity;The alarm temperature value display can be set and displayed in different eye-catching colors, and an audible and visual alarm signal can be issued to trigger the voice alarm function.

   With the rapid development of business simultaneously, DALI TECHNOLOGY always keeps the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaching great importance to the training and shaping of core competitiveness. The company will take customer service value as the core competitiveness of enterprises. Adhering to spirit of enterprise:acting with integrity , pursuit of excellence, respect for the individual , DALI TECHNOLOGYstrives to provide customers with The best cost-effective Handheld Fire Camerax2263ff6n. More details in the DALI TECHNOLOGYofficial website: us.dali-tech.com


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