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   Shenzhen Tianyang Precision Limitedlocated in 3rd floor, D building, GongChuangYing Industry Area, No.8 BaoDan Road, NanWan, Buji. Longgang, Shenzhen, GuangDong. China,Longgang District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China,with elegant environment and information delivered smoothly.Tianyang LTD is a specialized precision milling,quality cnc machining company.


TianyangHow to develop the hardware industry better The future, China's hardware industry is the goal of the first step, after Taiwan, the second step to catch up with Europe, on an equal footing with the world advanced level, our real hardware power dream. After the reform and opening up, the international hardware supply on the market: the European and American developed countries due to the rapid development of production technology and labor costs rise, will generally products by developing production, only the production of high value-added products, but also has a strong China hardware tools market potential, so more favourable for the development of hardware tools exporter. After more than 30 years' efforts, China's hardware industry has become a truly great hardware country. However, at present, China's hardware industry is still facing the transformation from a hardware power to a hardware power, and it needs to launch the wings of brand and industrial regionalization. Innovation technology and brand are the way of strong power of hardware accessories industry Due to the rapid development of hardware production technology and the high cost of labor force, developed countries have accelerated the transfer of middle and low grade products to the third world, and they only produce some products with high added value. In recent years, in Europe and America, with the development of building hardware design in the developed countries, it is easy to install and maintain. Doityourself products and tools are popular in the market. The export of China's hardware products only earn 3% of the total export volume, not only the problem of scientific and technological content, but also the brand problem. The brand includes a lot of content, including service, reputation and so on. Credit is the gold, and good faith in business is the fundamental way. If the hardware products we sell do not sell on the brand of others, but sell on their own brands, or the price of the OEM, then we do not know how many GDP we have made. At the same time, it is a key factor for the big finance group to intervene in the hardware industry of China.How to create a brand which is commensurate with China's hardware and accessories market is a problem that we need to solve urgently. With the entry of WTO, a large number of international famous brands have also poured into China, which is the wolf we often say. There is nothing terrible for the wolf to come. The key is that we have a good shotgun to stop it. The development of production and marketing of China's hardware industry must conform to the trend of domestic and international trends and become internationalized, and promote the development of enterprises and create an international concept with new marketing. At present, there are hardly any brands that are playing the role internationally in China's hardware products. Besides the first well-known furniture industry in China, the well-known trademarks of Chinese well-known trademarks are relatively high. Believe that after a period of struggle, China's hardware products in the international brand will be more and more. The combination of market and industry area is the need of development One problem can not be ignored, that is, our hardware production enterprises should take the national interests as the weight, and must not be able to make unfair competition because of their own interests. China has a vast territory, and there are great differences in terms of economic development in all regions. The hardware industry also has obvious areas, which is related to China's national conditions, and is also the characteristic of China's hardware industry. At present, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta have become the fastest growing areas of China's economy. In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta economic zone has become the fastest growing area for foreign investment. Under such circumstances, Jiangsu hardware industry has a huge advantage. This advantage can maintain and enhance this dominant position through the expansion of the hinterland. The other domestic hardware industry base, first of all to see only a relatively lack of knowledge, only the development of competition, but the development of the hardware industry with the inevitable adhere to healthy competition among the industrial belt, which will also accelerate the hardware industry is conducive to regional economic growth and enhance the vitality of the. The market must be connected with the local needs and industrial development, and the hardware market can not be exceptions. This is the need for the development of the socialist market economy. Our country has exported about 10000000000 dollars of hardware products every year, which does not contain the mechanical and electrical products in the broad sense hardware concept. However, the real earning is very small. This is a very noteworthy problem in China's hardware industry, and also a fundamental problem in China's hardware industry. At present, the original accumulation and wealth accumulation of our hardware manufacturers has not reached a certain level. Therefore, it will take a long time to make the hardware accessories industry bigger and stronger, which is inevitable. In the process of internationalization, we should deal with the challenges, hardware accessories should do their own things first, build a good platform, and integrate the focused on precision metal machining the future development, The latest launch high volume machining, precision metal machining the use of precautions, precision turning corporation live oak fl and other projects. even though in the rapid development of the project ,Tianyang always stressed the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaches great importance to the core competitiveness of enterprises to cultivate and shape. Our company take the value of customer service as the core competitiveness of enterprises, adhering to the honesty and integrity , the pursuit of excellence, respect individual for the corporate spirit, and strive to provide customers with integrity and reliable CNC center processing parts.

   Tianyangadheres to advance with the times and advocates to the service-oriented,faith-based, people-oriented management idea. With a belief of customer first to forge ahead , company insists on providing our clients with satisfying and best service ofprecision turning,precision medical machiningx1fb1146n,


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