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Zibo Guang Dong Chemical Co.,Ltd was founded in 10 years ago, After a period of rapid development, it has developed into a considerable size and effectiveness company of Acrylic emulsion manufacturerx1e2ce56nandAcrylic Emulsion Technology, NOw it is benchmark companies in 工农业,化学化工,化工中间体,涂料生产设备,商务服务,项目合作,转让 industry.

   Innovation is the cornerstones of Zibo Guang Dong Chemical Co.,Ltds success. In the future, Guangdong chemical industry also hope to continue to innovate, for the majority of customers to provide Emulsion production equipmentservice. Over the years, Guangdong chemical industry always believe that only adhere to innovation and professional, in order to better meet customer demand for Welcomed by customers Emulsion Equipment. details:Type of acrylic emulsion production equipmentZibo Guangdong Chemical Co. Ltd is a professional design and manufacture of chemical equipment, Guangdong reactor, Guangdong stainless steel kettle, kettle, planetary mixer, planetary power mixer, kneader, dispersion machine, strong dispersion machine, vacuum mixer, battery fluid mixer, grease mixer, plastic glass sealant production equipment, production equipment. Silicone rubber, unsaturated resin, polyester equipment, white latex adhesive rubber equipment, equipment, equipment, oil equipment, coating equipment, powder machine, powder mixing machine, horizontal mixerProduct classification:1. complete sets of production equipment, such as unsaturated resin, alkyd resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane, curing agent and so on.2. emulsion, white latex and other water adhesives production equipment;3.107 rubber, silicone oil and other complete production equipment;4. hot melt adhesive complete production equipment;5.pu glue, yellow glue, adhesive, glue, glue, liquid glue grafting such as complete sets of production equipment;6. were complete sets of production equipment;7. waste and old silica gel cracking, distillation, recovery complete production equipment;8. paint, paint dispersing, mixing, mixing equipment;9. design, manufacture and installation of all kinds of non standard chemical equipment.Structure characteristics of acrylic emulsion production equipment1, transmission mechanism: motor, reducer, rack, coupling, bearing, connecting plate and so on.2, reaction vessel (kettle body): according to capacity and material response, design pressure is required to determine plate thickness. Materials are generally stainless steel (304 stainless steel, 321 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel) and carbon steel.3, the heat transfer device: a clamping sleeve, inner tube, outer tube; the organic heat carrier circulation (HTF) heating or steam and hot water; cooling water, chilled water, cold conducting oil or natural wind etc.;4, stirring device: impeller agitation, anchorage propeller agitation, double propeller agitation, turbine impeller agitation, dispersed disc, butterfly paddle and so on.5, mixing speed: stirring speed is selected according to its material mixing requirements. Generally speaking, several liquid materials need mixing reaction. Generally, 50 --85 / min / rpm is selected. If the powder is required to disperse in the liquid, the 500 turn / --1500 turn / partition is generally chosen. If the oil is required to be emulsified in water or two incompatible liquid emulsified mixtures, the 2500 turn / --3500 conversion / partition is generally selected.6, sealing device: mechanical seal, packing seal and so on;7. The accessories for the complete equipment of the reactor usually have the distillation column, the heat exchanger, the water separator and so on.

   Adhering to the "Customer Supreme Forge Ahead" management idea, Guangdong chemical industry insists on providing the best quality and service of Emulsion production equipment,Chemical emulsion with the "customer first" principle. Wholeheartedly welcome your patronage! Official website address:


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