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In xiamen,fujian,china       

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main business :          

Manager: Trixie   


Email: sales@cambia.cn


Mobile: +86 13599507613


Wechat/Whatsapp/Skype: +86 13599507613      


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Warranty: one year                   

Condition: brand new and original                 

Delivery time: Ship Today                

Payment term: T/T                   

anager: Trixie      


Mobile: +86 13599507613

Wechat/Whatsapp/Skype: +86 13599507613             

Email:   sales@cambia.cn


Hot sale:        

     IC693MDL645     IC693ACC310    

       IC693MDL646     IC693ALG223     

       IC693MDL740     IC693ALG390     

       IC693MDL740F   IC693ALG392     

       IC693MDL741     IC693BEM321    

       IC693MDL741C   IC693BEM331    

       IC693MDL752     IC693CBL300     

       IC693MDL930     IC693CBL305     

       IC693PBM200     IC693CHS392    

       IC693PBS105      IC693CHS397C  

       IC693PCM301     IC693CMM321   

       IC693PWR321     IC693CPU311     

       IC693PWR321P  IC693CPU313    

       IC693PWR330     IC693CPU350    

       IC694APU300      IC693CPU363    

       IC694BEM331     IC693CPU364    

       IC694MDL660     IC693CPU372    

       IC694MDL740     IC693CPU374    

       IC694MDL753     IC693CPU374-KZ      

       IC694MDL754     IC693DSM302    

       IC695ACC402     IC693MDL330    


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