Bently Nevada 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System

Features and Benefits

  • The industry’s most extensive selection of machinery measurement parameters combined with software configuration for virtually all monitor options

  • Maximum reliability with extensive self-checking and fault tolerant design features

  • Rugged design that is fully compliant with the American Petroleum Institute’s Standard API 670 and API 618 requirements, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Factory Mutual (FM), GOST, ATEX, and CE requirements

  • Compatibility with a variety of locally or remotely mounted displays

  • Flexibility for configuration with various levels of redundancy, ranging from simplex modules to dual power supplies to redundant relay modules with wide ranging and flexible logical operator options for configuring complex relay logic as desired

  • An Ethernet port in the 3500/22M Rack Interface Module and a single network cable to communicate with GE’s System 1® software, connecting condition monitoring and diagnostic software

  • Optional DNV and Class NK certifications for maritime applications, and communication gateway module to connect to plant control and automation systems

  • TÜV Functional Safety Certification that can be supplied for applications requiring up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2, when the product is used as part of a safety instrumented system

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Comany NameCambia Automation Limited

AddressNo.83 Hubin East Road,Siming District


Main products:Bently Nevada, ABB,GE,Rockwell,Foxboro, Invensys Triconex, Westinghouse,and so on.

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1747-SCNR 57617659 D 2/2 RS204


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