ABB SAFT190APC SAFT 190 APC communication

ABBSAFT190APC SAFT 190 APCcommunication


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ABB group

ABB group (ash Brown cuny ferrell) ASEA company founded in 1988 by Sweden and Switzerland BBC Brown Boveri merger of companies, and is a business around the world electrical engineering group, ABB is a leading global company in the field of power and automation technology, is committed to provide solutions for industrial and power sectors, to help customers improve performance, at the same time reduce the adverse impact on the environment.ABB operates in more than 100 countries and employs 107,000 people.It serves customers in more than 100 countries.More than half of ABB's turnover comes from Europe;Nearly a quarter came from Asia, the Middle East and Africa;A fifth came from markets in north and South America

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Depending on the type of I/O signal required, the TAs contain current limiting devices, fuses, relaysThe Channel Isolated, Discrete I/O Interface Modules (FBM241/b/c/d) have eight discrete input channels and eight discrete output channels. Associated termination assemblies (TAs) support discrete input or output signals at voltages of under 60 V dc, 120 V ac/125 V dc, or 240 V ac.

, or relay outputs with internal or external power source and fusing.


Key features of the FBM241/b/c/d modules are:

-Eight discrete inputs

-Eight discrete outputs

-Supports discrete inputs/output signals at voltages of:

•15 to 60Vdc

•120 V ac/125 V dc


-Each input and output is galvanically isolated:

group isolated when used with external excitation

-Compact, rugged design suitable for enclosure in Class G3 (harsh) environments

-Executes the Discrete I/O or Ladder Logic program, with the following configurable options:

Input Filter Time, Fail Safe Configuration, Fail-Safe Fall-Back, and Sustained or Momentary Outputs

-Various Termination Assemblies (TAs) that contain:

•Current limiting devices


•Relay outputs


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