GE Bently nevada 74712-07-04-02-00 proximitor sensor

Proximity Sensors and Transducers

Customers who rely on mission-critical machinery choose our proximity sensors to monitor conditions and protect equipment.

More than 60 years ago Don Bently launched his first industrial product: the eddy current proximity sensor. The decades since that achievement have seen the quality and diversity of our proximity sensors evolve to include transducers that detect the presence of acceleration, velocity and pressure.

Today’s high-performance eddy current Proximity Sensors deliver continuous condition monitoring information and trip monitored machines when needed to support a proactive maintenance program and machinery diagnostics.

Our industry leading Proximity solutions offer superior performance and interchangeability in harsh environments with full API 670 compliance on applicable options.

Our current portfolio of Proximity Sensors offers a wide range of options for various applications.

Features and Benefits

The features of the Bently Nevada 3300 XL Series Proximitor Sensors include:

     Rugged, reliable design

•     Superior performance in harsh environments

•     Best performing and longest lasting proximity sensors on the market today

3300 series proximitor sensor

•     3300 XL 8 mm Proximity Transducer System

•     3300 XL 11 mm Proximity Transducer System

•     3300 XL Ceramic Capped Probe

•     3300 XL NSv* Proximity Transducer System

•     3300 XL 25 mm Proximity Transducer System

•     3300 XL 50mm Proximity System

•     PROXPAC® XL Proximity Transducer Assembly

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45C310 6NG4243-1V...-.Y.. SAI533-H33
45C311 6NG4243-2V...-.Y.. AAI143-H00/K4A00
45C312 6NG4243-1X CP333D
45C313 6NG4202-8PS02 ACM71
45C314 6NG4202-8PS03-2CB1 SCB100-S0
6NG4202-8PA81-1KA2 cp401-10 3RK1911-2BM21
6NG4202-8PA81-1KA1 AAV142-S00 3RX9300
6NG4202-8PS03-2BF2 SDV541-S33 3RX9300-0AA00
6NG4202-8PS03-2CA1 ADV144-S13 3ZS2782-1CC10-0YG0
6NG4202-8PA82-1KA2 AAP849-S00 6AA5103-0AB70
6NG4202-8PS03-1AB0 ANS20 6AA5103-0AC70
45C331 6NG4202-8PS03-4AA2 AAI543-H00
45C332 6NG4202-8PS03-2CC1 SED2D-01
45C333 6NG4202-8PS01 AAI841-S00




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