GE Bently nevada 74712-03-11-03-00 proximitor sensor

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Our company name:  Cambia Automation Limited

Address:  Xiamen, Fujian, China

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Allen   Bradley 


GE Marke

Bently Nevada

Siemens Moore



ICS Triplex



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Some of the products

Bentley Nevada 3500/22-01-01-01
Bentley Nevada 3500/33-01-01
Bentley Nevada 3500/40-03-01
Bentley Nevada 3500/50-04-01-01 
Series intrinsic safety barriers Configurator PCS45/PCL45USB
Interface module 3500/22-01-01-01
Relay module, 16 outputs 3500/33-01-01
Vibration module 3500/40-03-01
Speed and phase module 3500/50-04-01-01
Temperature module, 6 inputs 3500/60-05-01
Temperature module, 16 inputs 3500/65-01-01
Communication module 3500/91-01-01-01
Electronic timer battery ETM-1S31-000
Vibration module 3500/42-06-RU
Vibration speed sensor 330500-02-RU
PLC Digital Input Module 1756-IV32
Allen Bradley 1756-L61
Allen Bradley 1756-IC16
Allen Bradley 1784-PCIC
1784-CF64 PLC-CF Card
1784-PCIC Communication Module


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6NG4241-7PD30-2AC0 6ES5470-4UC13 6EW1380-1AA
6ES5470-7LA11 6NG4241-7PD30-2AD0 AAI141-S00/K4A00
6ES5470-7LA12 6NG4241-8PD21-3GA0 EC401
6ES5470-7LA13 6NG4241-8PD22-0YY0 ARM55C ARM55C-000
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6ES5470-7LB12 6NG4241-8PD22-1AA7 SPW484-13
6NG4241-8PD22-1AA6 6ES5470-7LB13 6EW1881-7AA
6NG4290-1WA04 6ES5470-7LC11 6FL5700-2BA11




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