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1)100% full New! - Original Factory Seal !
2)Warranty: 12 months!
3)Package: Original packing with cartons.
4)Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment

5) All the goods will be tested before shipment.


Best Quality Assurance:
1.High quality

2.Prompt Delivery
3.We provide a large number brand-name parts.
4.We have experienced staff and extensive test facilities.
5.There are many goods in stock.
6. We only provide the original new items, 100% make sure the best quality!


Type of payment: 

T/T 100% Payment in Advance 


Contact Cherish Zhang

Email: sales6@cambia.cn

Wechat//Mobile: +86 18030270289

(If  you need ,don’t hesitate to contact us)


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07BE64R1 CI854K01 3BSE025961R1  AO845 3BSE023676R1 
IC3601254C DI814 3BUR001454R1  IC3602 478A
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