Moroccan sardines export

How to import canned sardines from Moroccan?

Moroccan sardines are considered as the best sardines present across the world and this is the reason why every year, the percentage ofMoroccan sardines exportis increasing at a rapid rate. While the place itself prefers fresh sardines but most of the sardines are exported after canning in oil.

This little guide will help you to import sardines from Moroccan!!!

Get these documents ready to start your importing process fromthe Moroccan sardines factory.

Trade bureau: First of all, you have to register with the local trade bureau. Remember that registration is essential to import products.

Tax Board: Get an official tax status from the local tax board as in most of the countries you need to pay taxes for the import of your product.

Declaration: Make sure you prepare a signed statement that contains the detail of the products that you want to import. And don’t forget to get an import code.

Certificate of origin: The certificate of origin is issued by theMoroccan sardines producerswhich is an important document in the importing process.

Certificate of catch and health certificate are also issued by the manufacturer in most cases.

Choose an EU approval supplier:

Remember that only an EU approved local company can export products in another country so make sure you choose an EU approved supplier. Once you know that the supplier is EU approval, you are ready to import canned sardines from the same supplier. In case if you want to import sardines from Moroccan then consider these steps to follow:

  1. Open the list of approved countries and establishments documents at CBI.eu.
  2. Check to head fishery products and navigate the Moroccan in the list of the countries.
  3. Then it is recommended you to review the list of approved exporters and then get ready to receive the imported sardines.

Product details :

Product Type: Fish

Supply Ability: 250000 Carton/Cartons per Month

Style: Canned

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Packaging Details:Canned Sardine in cardboard boxes packing

Net .Weight : 125G D.W: 90G 3-5 PCS/TIN 50TINS/CTN, 3100CTNS/1*20'GP

Place of Origin: Safi, Morocco

Flavour: We have canned sardine in vegetable oil,brine,tomato sauce or hot tomato sauce

Ingredients: 3-5 pieces sardines body, 100% vegetable oil, salt,etc

Canned:High Temperature Sterilization,Advanced technology,Strict QC

Feature: Soft taste, no impurity ,no artificial additives

Storage:Store in cool & dry place, avoid direct sunlight

Port : FOB Casablanca/ Agadir / Tanger

Certifications :

Private label : Available

Company Information :

Address : N°200 Lot Elmassar, Z.I Sidi Ghanem Route de Safi 40 000 Marrakech


Tel:+212 524 335 449

MOB :+212 700 744 309 (whatsapp)


Website :

E-mail :


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