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  1. High speed road (railway) slope greening
  2. Wound surface mountain greening
  3. Landfill without soil coverage
  4. Mine greening, desert management
  5. River embankment protection
  6. Large scale green space reconstruction


  1. Hydroseed is a professional equipment in slope greening construction
  2. through this equipment, the soil matrix, green grass seeds, water-retaining agent, binder, fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in tank to form a glue slurry use water pump to spray them on slope surface.
  3. Because the slurry contains water-retaining material, binding material, and various nutrients, while ensuring plant growth needed water and other nutrient source
  4. It can effectively prevent rain wash to damage the sprayed material, so the plant can grow fast and healthy.

Model: HKP-110

Tank: 8000L

Screen Sieve: Optional

Stirring System: Horizontal Shaft Inclined Propellers Mechanical Stirring

Stirring Direction : Clockwise and Anticlockwise Rotation

Stirring Shaft Rotation (rpm): 0-100 Shifting

Water Pump: Flow Rate (m3/h):60

Outlet Pressure (MPa): 2.0

Transmission Type: Mechanical Clutch

Driving System: Turbine Generator

Power (kw):110

Rotation Speed (rpm):2000

Spraying Gun Type: Support Spraying Nozzle + Pipe Spraying Nozzle (optional), Can cover long distance area and extend to precision spraying

High Pressure Reflux Device: Inside tank, high pressure reflux, flow rate 1000L/min, can clean and can relief

Spraying Nozzle: 2pcs Round: caliber 30mm and 35mm. 1pcs Fan-shaped: caliber 35mm

Maximum Hitting Range (m): 38

Maximum Lifting Range (m): 110

Fence: Yes

Net Weight (kg): 4700

Overall Dimension (mm): 6100*2000*2400

Single Tank Spraying Area (m2): 350m2(Thickness 2-3cm)

Single Tank Spraying Time (min): 8min (direct spraying) 15min (connect Pipe)

Spare Parts: 3pcs spraying nozzle, diesel engine spare parts, water pump spare parts, tool box, machine oil gun, sealing ring, wire, etc.


至: Zhengzhou Shisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
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