Aquarium Plant Pot Glass Plant Holder 2pcs

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Aquarium Glass Plant Pot could make your aquarium and plant basin more beautiful and natural! Some plants cannot be planted in lowland areas? You can plant it with plant cup holders to hang on aquarium containers.

Aquarium Plant Cup Holder Details:

- Material: high-quality crystal glass

- Dimension: 60 x 55mm / 2.36" x 2.17"(H X D)

- Sweet Notice: cup holder bottom with permeable holes for draining off cup water

Aquarium Plant Cup Holder Feature:

- Glass live plant cup holder is perfect to breed aquatic plant, anubias, and bucephalandra.

- Suitable for all types of freshwater and saltwater aquarium.

- Can be used for growing a special plant or used for aquascaping.

- Comes with 2x strong suction cups for each plant holder.

- Easy-moving and hang tightly on the fish aquarium, it is easy to stick the glass plant cup to the tank wall firmly.

Aquarium Plant Cup Holder Package Included:

2*Aquarium Plant Cup Holder


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