DF71M Dobby Towel Loom

DF71M model is a high speed towel dobby loom with excellent design and prominent performance. The loom can weave not only precise garment fabrics and decorative cloth, but also industrial cloth like glass fiber cloth and filter cloth. This dobby weaving machineis competent for various towel production, including royal velvet, sheared towel, and other kinds of looped fabrics.


Drive System

The rapier can adopt either three-phase asynchronous motor plus inverter to realize strong start and stop force, or super motor direct drive.

Weft Insertion System

The weft insertion system is driven by crank-connecting rod, which optimizes acceleration and velocity curve, ensuring a perfect operation at highest speed and flawless fabric quality.

Beat-up System

Beat-up is managed by bilateral conjugate cam and separating sley, with short stroke and strong force.

Lubrication System

With a closed circulating type of lubrication system, the moving parts of rapier loom can get reliable and prompt lubrication; it also offers oil level warning and oil pressure warning.

Loop Formation System

DF71M towel loom is a reed moving type model, can be switched between 3~7 wefts, and loop height can be se freely between 0~12mm to meet high-class weaving needs like wavy terry, embossed terry and etc.

Strengthened Machine Frames

The loom is assembled with 4 pcs of strong casting panels, together with tough crossbeam and support beam. This structure helps to achieve high stability and low vibration.

Beside DF71M towel dobby loom, we also provide a jacquard towel loom named DF71JM. This jacquard loom machine can match electronic jacquard with hooks ranging from 1344, 2688, 5120, 6144, 12288 and etc, to weave all kinds of high-class jacquard towels.



190cm, 220cm, 230cm, 260cm, 290cm, 320cm, 340cm, 360cm

Operation speed


Take up

electronic take-up


electronic let-off,beam diameter φ500, optional outer roller diameter available


electronic dobby 12~20 frames




high speed electronic weft selector, 2~8 colors

Weftquantity forloop

3-7 weft

Loop length

0-24mm, accuracy up to 0.1mm


three-phase asynchronous motor plus inverter or super motor

Electronic control

32-bit CPU control system and embedded software


closed circulating type of automatic lubrication system


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