Application Range: It can be used for anti-cracking and leveling treatment of polystyrene board (eps) insulation surface layer, extruded board (xps) insulation surface layer and various insulation mortar surface layers.
The polymer plastering (crack-resistant) mortar is a high-tech product made of high-quality mineral sand and special cement, supplemented by imported polymer modified additives, crack-resistant toughening fibers and other functional additives through a unique processing technology.

It can effectively control the cracking of mortar due to plastic shrinkage, dry shrinkage, temperature changes and other factors, prevent and suppress crack development and leakage, etc. At the same time, it improves the internal structure of mortar and optimizes the performance of mortar through physics, and uses imported polymer modified additives to enhance the bonding strength between the plaster layer and the substrate layer and improve the durability of the mortar.

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