Steerable machinery moving skates details with pictures

is one kinds of equipment dolly and , used for rolling, moving, relocating machines, equipment and other heavy loads in industrial spaces.

are the classic design for moving skates that have been used for decades. The front unit provides the same capacity as the adjustable width rear set of moving skates.

provide steering capability while moving large industrial machines or other heavy equipment loads.

Steerable with a 360 degree swivel pad that sits directly on top of a high strength, hight quality thrust bearing.

designed allows the to rotate and turn under the heavy load being moved.

have rugged heavy duty handle facilitate the heavy load being pushed or pulled by a power source such as forklift.

Regarding three point moving skates paramenters, steerable machinery moving skates details, pictures, manual instruction, please kindly feel free with us. Professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.

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