Electric Forklift

Electric forklift is a forklift that operates by electricity, most of which are operated by storage battery. Storage batteries are one kind of batteries. Their function is to store limited electric energy and use it in suitable places. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. This kind of battery is also contained in the battery of electric forklift truck. Note: Batteries should not be laid out horizontally! Because the inside of the battery is usually 22-28% dilute sulfuric acid. When the battery is being discharged, the electrolyte can submerge the plate and there is still a little space left. If the battery is transversely discharged, a part of the plate will be exposed to the air, which is very harmful to the plate of the battery. Moreover, the observation holes of the general battery or the top of the battery have vents to communicate with the outside world, so the electrolyte can easily flow out of the battery by transverse discharging.

Electric forklift trucks can be divided into: four-way electric forklift truck, electric pallet stacker truck, push electric stacker truck, electric tractor, three-point electric forklift truck, four-point balanced forklift truck, forward-moving electric forklift truck, three-point Mini Forklift truck, ammunition balanced forklift truck, special electric forklift truck for cold storage, electric explosion-proof forklift truck, walking balanced forklift truck, electric oil drum stacker truck, three-point balanced forklift truck. Electric series material handling equipment, such as legged stacking truck, station crane, four-fulcrum legged stacking truck, four-fulcrum wide-leg stacking truck, forklift basket picking truck, four-fulcrum double-deck stacking truck, electric tractor, picking truck, etc.

Electric forklift truck is driven by electricity. Compared with internal combustion forklift truck, it has the advantages of no pollution, easy operation, energy saving and high efficiency. With the development of economy and the improvement of environmental protection and energy saving requirements, electric forklift truck develops rapidly. Market sales are increasing year by year. Especially in the port, storage and tobacco, food, textile and other industries, electric forklift is gradually replacing diesel forklift.

ATTACK GLOBAL (HK) Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in material handling machinery for more than 10 years. We mainly produce and supply articulated reach truck, pallet stacker forklift, mini electric forkliftand etc. Want to know more? Contact us now.


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