T1-24L Precision Agriculture Drones

T1-24L Precision Agriculture Drones spraying system equips a 24L capacity of wave-proof tank, efficient water pump, four nozzles. Based on the actual tests, spray width is 5-7 m and operating efficiency is 5L/min. The wind-resistant nozzle can decrease pesticides float in the air and economize spraying operations.

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Precision Agriculture Drones T1-24L

T1-24L portable spray machine for uav precision agriculture has all functions of T1-10L, and it equips water tank with larger capacity. It has the following advantages.

1) Efficient

TTF machine spray 24L are with much longer drone width, and much bigger spraying span. They can spray more land in same time.

2) Effective.

As every nozzle of Joyance agriculture UAV duster crop sprayer is under the drone propeller so the pesticide fog can be directly sprayed to all levels of the crop.

This is possible due to the strong air flow generated by the propellers, so every nozzle is highly effective.

3) Easy to operate.

TTF pesticide spraying drones are equipped with a specially designed pesticide spraying method. Even a beginner can operate the spraying drone very easily and efficiently.

A single finger can operate the ag drones forward and reverse movement at an assigned speed, while maintaining the same altitude and trajectory.

4) Easy to transport.

TTF fumigation drones have an umbrella design folding frame so it's convenient to fold and transport.

5) Works continuously.

As there are six axles, TTF drone agriculture sprayer can work continuously and the even distribution of the workload, allows the motors to easily bear the workload. There's considerable time saving due to the avoidance of a cooling down period for the motors.

6) Quality control.

Before dispatch, every drone is 100% tested and has to pass through a rigorous quality control test to confirm it meets the highest standards in performance and durability.

7) Neat design.

TTF AG drones adopt a special wiring board to assemble the electric motor and ESC, which ensures the internal wires are neatly arranged.

8) Easy to maintain and repair.

TTF always utilize high grade components. As the parts are interchangeable, therefore the maintenance costs are very low.

Aircraft Frame


1000*950*600 mm(arm folded, without propellers)

Diagonal Wheelbase

1630 mm

Flight Parameters

Total Weight

13 kg(without battery) 35 kg(with battery, Full Loaded)

Standard Take-off Weight


Max Take-off Weight


Hovering Time

10 min(35kg take-off weight)*

20 min(19kg take-off weight)*

Max Operating Speed


Max Flying Speed


Recommended Operating Temperature


Spray System

Liquid Tank Volume


Number of Nozzle


Spraying Span

Theoretical Operating Efficiency

320,000㎡/day (8hs, 6 sets of batteries)

Max Spraying Speed

Ground Controller

Max Transmission Range

1000 m (Unobstructed, Free of Interference)**

*The Flight parameters are for reference only. Different natural conditions may affect the actual flight situation.

*The Transmission Range may be influenced by varied conditions. Choose open area without high buildings as the flight area.

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