Alloy Cored Wire

Jiangyin Yurui Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd. is a professional calcium cored wire manufacturers.It has enjoyed steady growth and diversification ever since. Certified to the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Standard, our main production equipment include a core wrapping machine, rolling mill, electric furnace, intermediate frequency furnace,calcium silicon cored wire,calcium wire,cored wire for steel making,alloy cored wire,aluminium flux cored wire,sulphur cored wire,calcium cored wire,etc.

Alloy cored wirefor steel making is widely used in the ladle refining process. Crushing the additives into powder, using the equipment to fill the powder into the sheath, which is made of superior cold rolled steel strip, finally, tightly encase it, then multiple materials (alloy cored wire) with certain length is finished.

Alloy cored wire can purify the molten steel, change the inclusion form, lower gases pick-up, alloy cored wire can greatly increase the yield of alloy, cut down the cost and consumption.

Features of Alloy Cored Wire for Steel Makin

Alloy cored wire offers numerous advantages that make the steel mill and foundry process more efficient. Our alloy cored wire is the top choice in steel mills throughout North America and around the world.

Our company uses the superior cold rolled steel to encase the ferroalloy powder, develop various kinds and specifications of alloy cored wire, the product is encased tightly, high toughness, the density of the powder is uniform and compacted. It is widely used in the wire feeding technology of modern steelmaking, creates the significant effect, greatly reduces the consumption of ferroalloy.


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