Choke Valve

Needle structure is use

Dezhou Rundong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd,drilling machine suppliers, is a professional adjustable choke valve manufacturerswith 20 years history in manufacturing of oil drilling equipment. Products quality are well controlled according to China's oil industry standard, API specs as well as ISO9001 quality system. Dezhou Rundong is authorized top class supplier of CNPC, SINOPEC and CNOOC.

We will offer taper tap fishing tool,junk sub fishing tooland discharge manifold equipment,such as Fig 2202 hammer union,pulsation dampener charging kit,releasing and circulating overshot,short catch overshot,types of fishing tools in drilling and mud pump wear plate.

Technology Specification:

The design meets the requirement of choke valve types.

Nominal bore:21/16″-41/16″

Rated working pressure: 2000-20000PSI

Rated working temp:K、L、P、R、S、T、U、V

Material class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF

Product specification level: PSL1-PSL3G

Performance requirement level: PR1-PR2

Suitable medium: Petroleum, natural gas,mud

Oil and gas choke valve is classified into needle-type adjustable, barrel-type adjustable and orifice

Connection mode: Flanged and thread

Driving mode: Manual& hydraulic

Features in Design:

Valve needle and valve core are made of hard alloy steel with some properties of erosion

Resistance and corrosion resistance

Take the effect of adjustment of flow-rate and pressure and opening/closing the choke valve

d for x mas tree assembly, and barrel for choke manifold


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