Off Road (Construction And Mining) Tire

Hubei Aulice TyreCo., Ltd is a collection of research, design, production and sales process all-in-one tyre manufacturing industrysince 1998. With latest established plant of all-steel radial truck tyre in 2012, we strive to meet the growing demand in developing markets and ensure our customers to enjoy high-quality tyres with reasonable prices. Under our integrated production line, we have trained a large number of senior professionals and experts. We own several specialized patents in design and compound formula. Run flat tyre manufacturers provide military tyres for sale,such as Chinese semi tires and bulk tyres for sale,etc.

We are the TOP 40 tyre manufacturer in China with a production of 5000 pieces all-steel radial tyres and 2000 sets of off-road tyres per day. Our Chinese made tires brands AULICE, VANLUSTONE, AOL LIST, JIASHIBAO, SANTIAN and QUNYING have sold to more than 30 provinces and cities in China and about 30 countries abroad.

Aulice offers Mining Off-Road Truck Radials Tyres and wholesale off road tires to our clients. After spending years in the mines, testing our heavy-duty off-road tires, we have delivered re-engineered products for the toughest loads on the toughest roads. We are truly excited about this industry, as we have the best off-road tires for this application.

Over 20 years' experience of developing the best truck tyres, it has enabled Aulice to combine in the maximum levels of security, quality, comfort, price and save your cost. So far, we have wide options for off-road dune buggy tires like model AR535 AR5157A AR5251 and so on. Please check the following list to find the right construction and mining dump truck tires for you.

We provide commercial tyres off highwayand construction tires for sale, mining tires for sale.If you want ,we will offer you the cheap off road truck tires for sale.


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