SF6 Gas Density Transmitter

Lanso Instruments Inc. is aCanada-basedindustrial products manufacturer &supplierspecializing in pressure measuring equipment. The company's extensive product portfolio and dedication to high-quality products ,such as pressure measurement device,gas density monitor,gas density switch,gas density transmitter,pressure gauge and so on,have earned us high brand recognition and established long-term partnerships with multinational corporations including ABB, HYOSUNG, TOSHIBA, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, and so on.

Density transmitter can be used to monitor the density of gas in the sealed container, and offer kinds of solutions such as supporting new substation and intelligent transformation of existing substation.

Lanso, as one of the professional density transmitter suppliers, is committed to developing medium and high-end SF6 gas density monitor, and manufactures better products in the market depending on advanced equipment.


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