Although brown glass bottleare transparent, but they can hide the color of the product. Some products often have a good effect, but the color is not very pleasing, which affects the appetite of consumers. This packaging method doesn't make people feel uncomfortable.

Boston round bottles mostly refer to chemical vessels with a small mouth, large body, and bottom. They are used for the storage of solvents, chemicals, or samples. Type III soda-lime glass can be capped or not. There are different kinds of caps, such as black phenolic resin caps and white polypropylene caps. The bottle is colorless or brown. Boston round bottle is one of the most popular bottle types. The standard narrow bottle mouth can be combined with a variety of sealing methods, such as emulsion pump, sprayer, screw cap, dropper cover, and more.

Glass and plastic Boston bottles range from 0.5 oz or less to 32 oz or more. Boston bottles are with closure size 18/400, 20/400, 22/400, 24/400, 28/400. Boston bottles usually don't have the same caliber, so it's challenging to match caps. Boston round bottles cannot have tamper-proof caps due to the lack of compatible switching rings.

FAQ Of Boston Bottle

A Boston Bottle, or Winchester bottle, is a strong, heavy bottle commonly used in the drug and chemical industries. It is often made of amber (brown) glass but can also be made of plastics. SIZEPACKAGE, as one of the most professional glass and plastic bottle suppliers in China, can provide you various Boston Bottles of different sizes and colors, for example, Boston amber bottles, blue Boston round bottles, clear Boston round glass bottles. Contact us for more info about Boston round glass and plastic bottles for wholesale.

Different kinds of bottles are applied in different fields to make package. How do you identify a specific Boston bottle and the goods in it, SIZEPACKAGE suggests you find the mark labeled on the bottom of the body of the bottle. The side of the bottle may be printed with the product or manufacturer's name, and this can be helpful in identifying your find. In other cases, many bottles have labels on the bottom, which marks the messages that you wanted.

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