Hook Ring

MIM stand for Metal Injection Molding, it's a forming method of a metal parts and can provide a nearly unlimited shape, geometric-feature capability, high-production rates through the use of multi-cavity tooling. Compared with conventional technology like press sintered and CNC, MIM have an outstanding edge on producing small size, complex-shape metal components in large quantities.

Hook Ring Specifications

Product key words: Stainless steel pen holder trim

materials: stainless steel 316L 304 17-4PH titanium Surface

Requirements: polishing, sand pulling, sand blasting, plating

Size Tolerance range: Custom

Product size: 10mm±0.02-0.12mm

KUNSHAN JINLONGYUAN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. is a professionalmetal injection molding manufacturer, we provide optical fiber head, hook and ring diy,loose wedding ring fix, hook toss, ring on hook, ring toss measurements, hook with ring, ring with hookand etc .want to know mim priceor more? Please contact us.


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