LC Rapid aluminum extrusion service offers high quality, cost effective extrusion parts. With our professional and experienced engineering team and advanced machines, we not only make excellent tools but we also offer complex extruded parts as a manufacturer of aluminum extrusions. You can be rest assured because we exercise strict quality control through the whole manufacturing process guided by high quality standards of aluminium extrusion technology. Regular testing and verifying at various stages of manufacturing ensure us deliver an extraordinary quality product every time.

Aluminium Extrusion Technology

Aluminum extrusion is the process of forming the aluminum into the desired shape and geometry. Firstly, the mold is fabricated according to the drawing. And then extrude different types of custom aluminum extrusion profiles from the mold by heating and forcing the aluminum billet through the die.

Aluminum extrusions are known for their great strength, lightweight, and good conductivity, which make them an outstanding choice for diverse end-use applications (e.g. enclosures and heat sinks). It is the most cost-effective for high-volume production runs of metal parts due to the significantly low unit price.

Advantages of Custom Aluminium Extrusion

Part ProductionPart Production

Piece price is significantly lower with standard aluminium extrusion services versus other metal forming process.


Fabricated aluminium extrusions are very strong, making them suitable for cold weather applications that require high strength. Aluminum extrusions also have high rust and corrosion resistance.

Finishes SelectionFinishes Selection

Aluminum extrusions can be anodized, powder coated, polished, and etc.


We can conform to very tight tolerances base on customers requirements.

Aluminum Extrusion Process

After we receive your order, we will:

Step 1: Supply a complete cross-sectional drawing for you after review and discuss about your CAD files.

Step 2: Fabricate dies and extrude a sample to get your approval.

Step 3: Make the modification on the die if needed.

Step 4: Exercise process control when extruding your parts.

Step 5: Select from a variety of finishes processing to achieve the effect you want.

Step 6: Inspect finished extruded parts to avoid any dimension deviation.

Aluminum Extrusion Tolerance

The tolerance depends on shape and structure. If you need a very precise tolerance, we can follow it once we confirm your designs.

Aluminum Extrusion Material

Alloy: 6060, 6063, 6061, 6082, 2A12, 2024, 5052, 7075 and etc. (Others Available)

LC Rapid is a professional aluminum extrusion press manufacturers, we provide aluminum extrusion services, fabricated aluminium extrusions, structural aluminium extrusions, h section aluminium channel, custom machining services, on demand 3d printing service and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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