Custom Sofa Cover Wholesale

Sofa cover refers to the coat of sofa, which refers to the items covered on the surface of sofa.

The material of Sofa Cover

Sponge + cloth. The sofa cover is designed to be sewn on the cloth surface without using the prick surface of the buckle, instead of using the commonly used accessories on the clothing such as the four buckles, the elastic rope, the buckle, and the zipper. The design is more humanized, easier to disassemble, and completely solves the situation that the sofa cover cannot be used after cleaning;

Plush sofa cover fabric. Among the many sofa cover fabrics, this kind of sofa cover fabric has the advantages of low cost and various styles and colors. Moreover, due to the variety of styles and styles, this kind of sofa cover fabric can match the decoration style of your own home when choosing. At the same time, this kind of sofa cover fabric can also be customized.

The Style of Sofa Cover

Chinese style garden fabric sofa cover

With the most famous peony pattern as the background, the national color and natural flavor, high-grade cotton hollow lace, the indoor sofa are more luxurious and elegant, which will make the living room more colorful with the collocation of pastoral style pillow, tea table towel, etc.

Fashionable fabric sofa cover

Sofa cover looks simple, fashionable, and is easy to use. One set is OK, easy to clean, and hand wash or machine wash is both OK, and is durable. In winter, matching a warm color cloth cover for the sofa at home will make the whole room look warmer.

Imitation cashmere sofa cover

The use of imitation cashmere fabric gives the home textile fabric a thick feeling, with the advantages of high-grade luxury, soft hand, full suede, good drape and other advantages, such as high quality, durable, with the characteristics of no pilling, no deformation, no static electricity, no fading and so on.

Garden fabric sofa cover

It is soft, comfortable, warm, dust-proof, and is an indispensable decorative boutique for a beautiful and warm home! It plays a very good role in protecting the sofa.

The Advantages of Sofa Cover

Fine technology, good flexibility, not easy breaking.

There is no gauze on the bottom, which has a good anti-skid effect.

Elastic band around the design reinforced anti-skid.

Choose from a variety of sizes, no matter how long or wide your sofa is, and you can customize it according to your needs.

Dust and moisture-proof.

There are various types, and you can select according to the home environment.

The Parameters of Sofa Cover


180 x 80 x 70 cm


3-panel furniture cover


polyester 600 D


polyester 600 D


no zipper






Screen printing


UV and dustproof

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