Multi Toilet Roll Packing Machine ZB690F

Specifications of Paper Roll Packing Machine

Model number


Average Speed

22 bundles/min

Packing Type

1layer or 2 layer: 2,4,6,8,10,12,18 rolls

(Can Be customized)

Max bundle bag Size

900*(160-420)*(90-270)mm (L*W*H)

Bag material

PE Pre-made bag

Packing film thickness


Pre-made bag stock

2 bag stocks, auto change

capacity is 300 pieces bag per stock

Machine size


Whole power

22Kw, operating power 20 Kw

Power supply

380V 50HZ (if different, pls specify)

Air consuming

  1. ~0.7Mpa, air usage: 350L/min


Around 4000kg


≤80 dB

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Main Features of Bundle Toilet Roll Paper Packing Machine

The ZB690F series of toilet roll bundle packing machines are famous for their high working speeds. Well-designed by engineers at Soontrue Machinery, these machines are suitable for packing bundling rolls (6,8,10,12,18 rolls in one bag). They can pack multi-layers of paper rolls and be connected with log saw machines or single roll wrapping machines. Get your automatic toilet paper roll bundle packing machine at Soontrue now!

These packing machines for toliet roll bundles are equipped with an automatic tissue arranging system to make the specification changing faster and the space inside the machine is suitable for maintenance.

Similar to other toilet roll packing machine produced by Soontrue, these bundle toilet roll paper packing machines can also convey the bags precisely and will alarm or stop if there are no bags.

The tissues will be automatically removed during the machine's abnormal stop. The multi packaging machine will automatically collect the waste film and if the waste film got stuck it will automatically alarm or stop.

This packaging machine for toliet roll bundle also has the function of overload protection (stop the machine when it is overload). Manually reset the overload device and press the reset button to make the servo control system automatically back to the origin (slowly).

Multi Toilet Roll Bundle Packing Machine Videos

Soontrue is one of the leadingtissue paper machine manufacturers in china, we provide packaging machine china, machine for tissue paper, facial tissue packaging machinery, roll paper bundler bundlerand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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