Pressure sensor, pressure switch, pressure transducer, pressure transmitter? When searching for the right device that monitoring your instruments, that can be confusing to technicians who are new to the industry. This content will simply describe the differences among these devices.

Pressure Sensor Transmitter

Lefoo T2000 pressure transmitter series have various types of pressure measurement sensors and pressure transducers and pressure transmitters. Capable for the 4~20ma, 0~5v, 0~10v, RS485,analog outputs. And the Packard, M12,Hirschmann connections.

Differential Pressure Sensor

A differential pressure sensor or differential pressure transmitter is a device for the of monitoring pressure changes at two positions. Lefoo Differential Pressure Transmitters LFT1500 capable for water processing applications.

Digital Pressure Sensor

A digital pressure sensor is a sort of piezoresistive transducer that consists of a high-precision silicon pressure sensor. RS485 protocol. DIN43650A(Big Hirschmann),M12 Waterproof outlet, M12 Aviation connectors are available.

Flat Pressure Sensor

LEFOO flat pressure sensor consists of the oil-filled silicon sensor which is separated by a durable metal diaphragm that is capable of delivering the pressure undergoes from the chemical viscous liquid to the PLC unit

High Accuracy Pressure Sensor

High exactness electrical pressure transmitter equipped with excellent temperature compensation circuits and accuracy calibrations. It offers precise pressure outputs for automatic control applications

HVAC Pressure Sensor

The HVAC pressure transducer applies a ceramic piezo resistive sensor to monitor the pressure changes and save energy consumption for the industrial HVAC systems, high exactness air conditioner, new air systems

Refrigeration Pressure Sensor

LEFOO refrigeration pressure transmitters use ceramic capacitor pressure sensing elements or electrical pressure transducers with corrosion resistance and excellent temperature adaptability. Optimal for the HVACR systems and AC cooling systems

Submersible Pressure Transducer

LEFOO water level pressure transducer LFT3000 and Temperature Level Transmitter T3200 are submersible measuring devices for static liquid applications. It is optimal for water tank, wastewater vessel, and city pipeline drainage management

Temperature And Pressure Sensor

A Temperature and pressure transducer is capable of temperature measurement and pressure monitoring at the same time. Cost-effective, compact size, simple installation

Water Pressure Sensor

LEFOO water pressure sensor is with a water-prevent design and is mainly used for water processing applications. Compact robust plastic casing, easy install and wiring

Pressure Sensor

A Pressure Sensor is a device that produce an output electrical signal (ma or microvolt) that varies with the pressure it experiences. When pressure forced on the crystal chip inside the sensor and the deformed crystal generates a signal. The signal will be transferred by the wire to a display or monitor that can show the signal in value. For example: 4ma=0, 12ma =50 psi, 20ma=100 psi... Pressure sensors are used to inspect the pressure of the gas, fluid, or another medium.

Pressure transducer

A Pressure transducer is a device that consist of a pressure sensor and a signal amplifier, a transducer will translates measured data into a stronger electrical analog signal that can be read and show them on a display by the program controller.

A Pressure transmitter is a device that converts a low-class electrical signal from a sensor or transducer to a higher class or a form of data that available for long distances transmission. Such as 4-20 mA or 485 digital output. These outputs can transmit over long distances. Some transmitters can provide additional data about the device or process measured as part of the communication. The(1-5,1-10)voltage signal is the most stable signal in electrical noisy situations like energy-related industries.


Pressure is the force that exists on the surface per unit area. There are three types of pressure measurements: absolute pressure, gauge pressure, and differential pressure. Absolute pressure is referred to the vacuum space (zero atmosphere pressure). In practice, absolute piezoresistive pressure sensors measure the pressure relative to a high vacuum reference sealed behind its sensing diaphragm. Absolute pressure is the sum of gauge pressure(Pg) and atmospheric pressure(Patm). The acronym for (Kpa: Thousand Pascal) Bar, or PSIA (Pounds per Square Inch Absolute. ) Absolute pressure sensor and altimeter are good options for weather monitoring. Usually the standard atmosphere pressure=101.325 pascal=14.7 psi=1.01 bar.

Gauge pressure is actual pressure in a vacuum environment. it is an acronym for PAG (Pascals Gauge) or PSIG (Pounds per Square Inch Gauge) Gauge pressure is measured relative to the environmental atmosphere pressure. Weather conditions and altitude changes directly influence the gauge. Gauge pressure is positive for pressures above atmospheric pressure, and negative for pressures below it. The average atmospheric pressure at sea level is 101.325 kpa.Gauge Pressure =Absolute Pressure-Atmosphere Pressure. Kpa, Bar, PSI are used to describe Gauge pressure value. For a commonly example, in our daily lives, we may pump our car tires from 32 to 40 PSI by the gauge pressure.

Differential pressure is similar to gauge pressure, It is measured based on atmospheric pressure, Differential pressure is composed of high pressure and low pressure, and is usually used to monitoring filters in pipes or tanks when it clogged. Differential pressure is usually an acronym for PAD (Pascals Differential) or PSID (Pounds per Square Inch Differential, Kpa, and Bar). Differential pressure is also used in boiler, high pressure or liquid pressure or level check, and low pressure for an air pressure check. The two pressures will indicate how many liquids are left in the boiler.

The units of pressure are Pascal (Pa, N / m2), pounds / square inch (PSI), atmospheric pressure (atm), and bar. (Bar), an inch of mercury (inch Hg), millimeter of mercury (mm Hg, torr), etc. The PSI and Bar are most commonly used in sensor industries. Liquid Pressure is defined as the strength of a liquid per unit area of its surroundings. For example, pressure (P) is a function of force (F) and area (A). P = F / A, (fluid P gauge=pgh)

LEFOO is a national pressure sensor manufacturers, we provide pressure sensor with display,

room pressure sensor, pressure sensor 5v, smart pressure sensor, water differential pressure sensorand etc. Want to know the pressure sensor costor more? Contact us now.


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