Super Ultra long & Thin Sanitary Pads

Guided by the demands of our valued customers, Zhejiang BI has been constantly exploring and innovating in the past 18 years, which makes our manufacturing process achieve the world's advanced level. Our super ultra-thin pads are used for night or during the serious period which is specialized in super absorption and ultra-thin thickness.

Feel free to contact us to get more about our super ultra-thin pads with wings!

Product Feature & Application of Super Ultra Thin PadsWith Wings

lTop sheet: Soft and perforated non-woven top sheet or Dry top PE

lBottom sheet: soft and breathable back sheet effectively help prevent moisture and odor

lPerfect body fit design and strong adhesive wings to keep pads firmly stay on the panty all the time.

lCreative butterfly wings improve outlook and fit the body better.

lUltra-thin absorption core makes pads thinner and more comfortable.

lWrapper: non-woven, PE, aluminum materials

Specification of Super Ultra-Thin Absorbent Pads







Absorption paper


Back glue length


Back glue width


Wings glue length


Wings glue width






Carton dimension




Top sheet

Blue core

Acquisition layer

Tissue paper


Bottom sheet

Release paper

Individual wrapper

ZHEJIANG B.I. Industrial is one of the leading diaper manufacturing companies, we provide super thin pads, super long padsand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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