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DRC Check-in Custom PCB Design

In the manufacturing industry, does the process designer need to check the design results after custom PCB design? The answer is yes.

DRC check, also known as design rule check, which is PCB design software (EDA) used in the PCB Layout process in real time to check and find the design does not match the intended design specifications. DRC check is used to ensure the correctness of the design and meet the conventional design specifications as a starting point, is an indispensable part of the custom PCB design. Based on the role and purpose of the DRC, it is generally no more than 100 check line items.

Meet the DRC check is the most basic requirements of custom PCB design, to meet the DRC does not necessarily mean to meet the manufacturability requirements.

DFM Check-in Custom PCB Design

DFM check, also called design for manufacturability analysis, is based on custom PCB data through real 3D component models and actual manufacturing process simulation, a comprehensive design review of PCB and PCBA manufacturability before fabrication. The first time to find the design custom PCB defects or deficiencies, process difficulties, manufacturing risks, design custom PCB and process mismatch factors, etc., to ensure that the custom PCB design and process capabilities fully match. As the custom PCB manufacturer, HX Technology will essentially reduce the number of trial production, save production costs, and improve product reliability.

DFM is a bridge between custom PCB design and manufacturing process, which belongs to the category of process design, through which you can find the mismatch between design and manufacturing process factors, assess the manufacturing difficulty, manufacturing risk, etc. These are not covered by DRC in custom PCB design software.

As a PCBassembly supplier, a Chinese national high tech enterprise, HX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in PCB assembly service, including PCB fabrication, components sourcing, SMT, and THT. Our products are widely applied in industrial controllers, medical equipment, telecom devices, environmental protecting equipment, instruments and meters, security system, smart electronic devices, vehicle electronic devices, consumer electronics, and so on.More information about custom circuit board designcan be got from our website, and the custom PCB priceis affordable, if you have any needs, please contact us.


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